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3AKIS website design, website development  and web marketing studio offers everything You need to be recognised on the Internet. 3AKIS provides website design, website development,  search system optimization, e-commerce, Website marketing, mobile website development services, organization of e-mail campaigns and help planning and implementing TV and radio campaigns. The 3AKIS professional team at will design a create Website including a unified web marketing strategy for your company.

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Our aim
To become one of the leading web design and web marketing studios in Europe in the development of interactive Websites, attracting the most talented and prominent developers, designers and strategy and technology professionals. We surprise our clients with the latest innovations and creativity and we deliver top class solutions always in time.
New Website and targeted website advertising strategy developed by 3AKIS has attracted three times more website visitors..
What’s new?
“The new Website developed by 3AKIS begins its new stage of life. A new year, a new image and new satisfied clients and new achievements.”
3AKIS Web development team
What we do offer

Web design and development

Web design is very important for the representation of your website on the Internet. 3AKIS offers the most suitable development and support of the Website design. Websites are created by ensuring maximum optimisation for search engines as well as convenient navigation to keep visitors browsing your website for quite a while.

Website Marketing

Internet marketing is a very powerful advertising tool which can boost your company's brand popularity. The web marketing specialists at 3AKIS will help to promote your brand both among wider audiences and also target audiences.

Web video, video presentations, photo

Video marketing is an efficient way of presenting your company on the Internet, displaying your products and services and to distinguish your company from all the others. Google has already announced that web video will soon become the main means of communication.

Web copy writing and voice over

Web copy writing is not only the way to inform website visitors but it is also the main tool for Website optimization. The 3AKIS specialists will write accurate text for the Internet portal focusing on the keywords of your website.
Our values
Confidence, honesty, loyalty.
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Friendly and customised attitude
  • Confidence, integrity, loyalty
  • High quality and pro-activeness
Our clients
  • Selteka

    The biggest TV set top box manufacturer in Eastern Europe.
  • Hotel Pusynas

    A cozy hotel in the very heart of Druskininkai, surrounded with flower gardens and trees.
  • Waterproof

    A French company best known as the developer of PHPEdit and other applications.
  • Denticija Clinic Group

    The Denticija trademark unites odontology clinics with experience of over a decade.
  • phpEdit

    PHPedit is one of the best known and full-featured website programming tools.
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